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September 28, 2020
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5 Tips to Make Your Home Sale Successful in 2020

Home Sale Successful

5 Tips to Make Your Home Sale Successful


If you are thinking about putting your home up for sale, here are five tips that can make your home sell faster and for more money.


  1. Price Your Home Correctly

When home buyers start their home search, one of the first things they decide on is a price range. As a result, price is going to be one of the biggest deciding factors in whether or not they move forward with a home.

This is why price is extremely important when putting your home up for sale. If you price your home too high, you are going to push away prospective buyers. If you price it too low, you could lose out on potential profits.

The key is pricing your home at or just below market value, that way you get more viewings and possibly multiple offers.


  1. Get Professional Photos Taken

In addition to pricing your home correctly, another important thing you should do to attract the most interest to your home is getting professional photos taken.

While some sellers don’t understand the importance of this, all real estate agents know that it can be a key differentiator in the success of a home sale. In fact, listings with professional photos are said to receive 118% more online views and sell 32% faster.

Most real estate agents include professional photos as one of their listing services, so make sure to ask before you sign a listing agreement.


  1. Offer Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are nothing new. In fact, they have been around for several years and are very common on luxury listings.

However, with the recent urge for social distancing and city ordinances to “shelter-in-place” in some cities, virtual tours have seen a quick rise to popularity.

By offering virtual tours of your home, you allow buyers to continue to shop while staying in the comfort of their own homes. In addition, offering a virtual tour gives your online listing some extra flare and creates a competitive advantage over other homes on the market.

If you’re working with a real estate agent, then you’ll want to discuss options with them to offer virtual tours of your property.


  1. Highlight Attractive Neighborhood Amenities & Attractions

One thing many home sellers forget to do on their listings is to highlight attractive aspects of their neighborhood or surrounding areas that could potentially draw in buyers.

While you don’t want to go overboard, this could be a good way to draw attention to your listing — especially if curb appeal isn’t enough.

One key way to do this is to list these places or perks in your listing description. It’s best to highlight the key features early. For example, if you live near a brand-new shopping complex or popular interstate, then it could be good to include a sentence about this at the beginning.

In addition to including these details in your listing description, it could also be beneficial to include photos of these areas in your listing photos. For example, if there is an awesome park nearby, then you should include a photo of it. This way when potential buyers are scrolling through your listing, the park could be something that sways them to tour your property over others.


  1. Protect Yourself and Prospective Buyers

Last but not least, the safety of yourself and potential buyers should be taken into account when considering a home sale while coronavirus is still a concern.

After all, if you get sick, then you may not be able to proceed with your home sale.

In order to protect yourself, it is suggested to clean and wipe down any door handles and common surfaces frequently before and after any showings.

Advertising that you are taking safety precautions may also even be a draw to encourage buyers to come tour your home and feel comfortable about it.


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