Skye View Park

SKYE VIEW PARK – 10553 Skye Paseo Ave.

Skye View Park


Skye View Park is a short walk from all of Skye Canyon’s Phase 2 neighborhoods, and features a covered play area for kids, splash pad, bike racks, play field, gazebo, two lighted pickleball courts, a lighted tennis court and a small and large dog park. Shaded picnic areas, and restroom facilities make this a convenient place for family fun.



Open Daily from 6 AM to 9 PM



There is no supervision provided during park hours. Use of any and all facilities and equipment is undertaken at your own risk. Children under 14 must be supervised by an adult. Play equipment if any, in this park may be designed for specific age groups. Please consult the stickers and notices on each piece of equipment prior to use. Skye Canyon Community Association is not responsible for injuries occurring from use of the provided play equipment.

NO ALCOHOL: The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

NO VIOLATION OF LAW: Any activity prohibited by federal, state or county ordinances is strictly prohibited.

ANIMALS: Domestic pets only. All pets must be on a leash at all times controlled by a person suitable age and strength. Leashes must not extend beyond 6 feet. Owners are responsible for all pet waste clean-up and removal. Waste bags are provided as a courtesy when available.

FLAMMABLE MATERIALS: No fireworks, personal barbeques, or open flames. Barbeques are only permitted is designated, permanent barbeque pits.

NO OVERNIGHT OCCUPANCY: Overnight occupancy, camping, and/or sleeping is strictly prohibited.


VEHICLES: Passenger vehicles are restricted to designated parking area and may not be operated within the landscape, walkways, or other common areas. Vehicles must be properly parked at all times.

RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT: Skateboards, bicycles, scooters, ATV’s, rollerblades, and other recreational equipment that transports individuals may not be operated within the park.

PARK RESERVATIONS: Parks may be reserved for special events at the discretion of Skye Canyon Community Association subject to certain terms and fees. Applications may be delivered to the Association Office. Parks may be closed during special events.


Skye Canyon Community Association is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


Violations of the Park Rules may result in fines, misdemeanor penalties, trespassing citations, and cancellation of future rights to use these facilities.



  • Skye Canyon Community Association, Skye Canyon Park Owner, Management Staff, and their collective authorized designees are not responsible and shall have no liability for the acts or omissions of individuals or their animals. Individuals using the Dog Park enter at their own risk.
  • Individuals using the Dog Park are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Skye Canyon Community Association.
  • The Skye Canyon Community Association reserves the right to exclude vicious animals as defined and outlined in the Association’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Each individual entering the Dog Park is limited to two animals per visit.
  • Animals entering the Dog Park must be in good health with proper and current vaccination records.
  • Animals must be kept on a leash while entering and exiting the Dog Park. Animals are not permitted to be off leash outside of the fenced Dog Park area.
  • Individuals must immediately remove all respective animal waste and deposit the same in the designated receptacles.
  • Female animals in heat are strictly prohibited.
  • Animals under the age of four months are strictly prohibited.
  • Children under 48” tall are prohibited from entering the Dog Park. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Individuals using the Dog Park are prohibited from smoking and consuming any beverages or food while in the fenced Dog Park area.
  • Individuals are asked to be considerate of other individuals and animals while in the Dog Park and to respect the grounds and surroundings.


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SKYE VIEW PARK – all photos taken by Angela O’Hare


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