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It’s important to work with a knowledgeable real estate agent who understands the unique requirements and considerations involved in buying or selling horse. Buying or selling horse property in a particular county can involve a number of factors to consider, such as zoning regulations, property size and amenities, access to trails, and potential buyers or sellers in the area

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For Horse County

For Horse County in Summerlin, residents and visitors alike experience the perfect blend of upscale living and equestrian charm. Nestled within the master-planned community of Summerlin in Las Vegas, this unique enclave caters to those who appreciate a sophisticated lifestyle combined with a love for horses.

Top-tier facilities

Expert trainers

Riding arenas

Equestrian-centric lifestyle

Benefits Horse
Property Buying

Investing in horse property in Summerlin offers numerous benefits for equestrian enthusiasts:

Equestrian facilities

The community provides well-maintained and dedicated equestrian facilities, including stables, riding arenas, and
trails, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable environment for horse owners.

Upscale living extends

Summerlin's commitment to upscale living extends to its horse properties, offering luxurious homes with equine amenities seamlessly integrated into the landscape.

Focus on high-quality

Overall focus on green spaces and a high-quality living environment enhances the well-being of both residents and their equine companions. Proximity to top-notch schools, recreational amenities, and convenient access to entertainment and shopping further solidify Summerlin as a premier choice for those seeking an upscale and equestrian-friendly lifestyle.

Community support

Counties that are conducive to horses typically feature a supportive network of dedicated horse owners and enthusiasts, offering valuable resources and opportunities for meaningful connections.

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