Moving to Las Vegas – 10 Things to Do and See
June 21, 2019

Moving to Las Vegas – 10 Reasons Why

Moving to Las Vegas: 10 Reasons Why You Should


Are you thinking about moving to Las Vegas? In this article we will go over the top 10 reasons why you should consider moving to Las Vegas.


Before you pack your bags, and hire long distance movers, you should know that Las Vegas is an entirely unique place that isn’t quite like any other place in which you’ve lived. When people think of Las Vegas, they picture slot machines, glitzy casinos, themed hotels and entertainment extraordinaire.


However, there is a lot more to this world-famous getaway destination, and nearly 2 million people valley-wide call Las Vegas home. If you are thinking about moving to Las Vegas, here are ten reasons why you should.


1.  Homes are still Affordable – For Now

  • The median home value in Las Vegas is $300,000.
  • Las Vegas home values have risen 13.2% in the past year.
  • Prices in Sin City are currently still relatively affordable, though upward pressure on price may change that.
  • One advantage of the Las Vegas market is that home prices haven’t skyrocketed like they have in certain parts of the country.

2.  Moving to Las Vegas Is Affordable

  • Since Las Vegas has no shortage of place, and plenty of money flowing in from the tourism industry – living in Las Vegas is surprisingly affordable compared to what you’d experience in other major cities.
  • When you consider job offers before moving to Las Vegas, take the low cost of living into account.

3.  No State Income Tax

  • If you like to save money, you’ll love moving to Las Vegas because Nevada has no state income tax.
  • The state earns the money it needs from tourism, casino resort fees and from a slightly higher sales tax rate of 8.25%.
  • Since Nevada has no state income tax, it is also one of the easiest places in the country to open a new business.

4.  Low Property Taxes

  • Property taxes in Nevada pay for local services such as roads, schools and police. However, Nevada’s property tax rates are among the lowest in the U.S.
  • Homeowners in Nevada are protected from steep increases in property tax bills by Nevada’s property tax abatement law, which limits annual increases in property tax bills to a maximum of 3% for homeowners.

5.  Shows

  • Another great feature of Las Vegas is that it draws some serious talent.
  • As a Vegas resident you’ll have access to amazing shows, and you may be able to score last-minute deals on tickets.
  • If you love music and going to big concerts is your thing, then moving to Las Vegas will be a game-changer.

6.  Professional Sports

  • This desert city is home to the Las Vegas Golden Nights, the pro hockey team. And the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces.
  • The Oakland Raiders are moving to Vegas in 2020, but until then, there’s always the World Series of Bowling, and the city’s unofficial sport: poker.

7.  Golf Courses

  • Las Vegas has more than 55 golf courses, ranging from flat, tree-lined layouts to target-golf tracks.
  • Las Vegas has many public golf courses, both on or near the Strip and in the suburbs.

8.  Restaurants

  • Las Vegas restaurants have been transformed over the two decades since Wolfgang Puck opened his first outpost here in the ’90s.
  • In addition to numerous celebrity-chef establishments, you can gorge on a cornucopia of globe-spanning grub, including superb sushi, authentic Neapolitan pizza and standout Thai food.
  • And those notorious all-you-can-eat buffets in Las Vegas are improving, too!

9.  Weather

  • The good news is that Las Vegas enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year.
  • East coasters and people from hot and humid climates appreciate lack of snow and humidity.
  • Winters are generally short and mild.
  • Hot weather can last from May to October, but locals adapt by drinking lots of water and scheduling their outdoor activities in the evenings and early mornings.

10.  Outside the City

  • The stunning Valley of Fire State Park and the majestic Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area offer hiking with incredible views, only minutes out of town.
  • You can also hike Lake Mead National Recreation Area, but the water sports are really where it’s at. Just right down the road from Lake Mead, is Hoover Dam.
  • Take a 30 minute trip to Mt Charleston Ski Resort to escape the valley’s summer heat and mountain bike, hike, horseback ride, or ski.
  • Or head down to Boulder City for more of a small town feel.


Well there you go, those are our 10 reasons why you should definitely consider moving to Las Vegas!

So, if you’re planning on moving to Vegas, you have some great times ahead. Las Vegas is one of America’s fastest growing cities, and it isn’t just a great place to play, it’s a great place to live.


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