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Top 10 Reasons to MOVE to Summerlin

Living in Summerlin

Top 10 Reasons to MOVE to Summerlin


Summerlin is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the Las Vegas Valley and is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in Nevada. It is the largest master-planned community in the state and is along the western rim of the Las Vegas Valley. Summerlin is home to more than 120,000 residents. It is also considered to be one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Las Vegas Valley.


Now in its 33rd year of development, Summerlin is known for its resort-like residential lifestyle, peaceful suburban living, and abundant outdoor recreation and it’s the only master-planned community in Las Vegas with its own downtown. Downtown Summerlin includes the Downtown Summerlin Shopping Center, City National Arena, Las Vegas Ballpark, Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, and office parks. Sun Coast Hotel & Casino, and JW Marriot Spa & Resort


Summerlin is Nevada’s highest-ranking master-planned community on the 2023 best-selling list. It’s also included in a National Geographic article naming Las Vegas the #1 Best Place to Live & Play. However, Summerlin is expensive. The cost of living in Summerlin is 1.2 times greater than the overall cost of living index of Nevada. The median sale price of properties in Summerlin is currently $525,000. The average cost of living in Summerlin South is $2020, which is in the top 10% of the most expensive cities in the world.


Here are 10 reasons why moving to Summerlin can be an appealing choice:

1. Location! Location! Location!

Summerlin is set against the most breathtaking backdrop of chiseled Red Rock Canyon mountains and crimson rocks, with a twinkling view of the Las Vegas Strip to the east and dramatic sunsets to the west. Summerlin is the ideal place for your choice of living-it-up, connecting with big nature, or staying close to home.


2. Community Design

Summerlin is well-known for its master-planned design, offering a balance of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. This planning ensures a high quality of life and convenience for residents.


3. Recreational Amenities

Summerlin boasts a wide range of recreational facilities, including 10 golf courses, 4 community centers, 3 pools, over 300 parks, 200+ miles of trails, and easy access to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.


4. Shopping and Dining

The community offers a diverse array of shopping and dining options, from high-end retail stores to unique local eateries, all within a convenient distance.


5. The Cool Factor

Here, the mood-enhancing benefits of endless sunshine are amplified by higher altitude temperatures that are consistently cooler than the rest of the valley.


6. Cultural and Community Events

Summerlin hosts various cultural and community events throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of community and offering entertainment options for all ages.


7. Safety and Security

Summerlin is often noted for its safety and well-maintained neighborhoods, offering a secure environment for residents.


8. Top-Rated Schools

The area is home to some of the best schools in the Las Vegas region, 26 public, private and charter schools, making it a great place for families with children.


9. Leading Builders

Summerlin’s all-star roster of national homebuilders, which has long been a part of the community’s development mantra, ensures that quality, innovation, and progressive home design remain a community hallmark. There are more than 100 new homes floorplans now selling!


10. Healthcare Facilities

The area is served by excellent healthcare facilities, including Summerlin Hospital and specialist clinics, ensuring residents have access to quality medical care. Summerlin isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle. With its combination of natural beauty, community spirit, and modern amenities, it’s a place that epitomizes the dream of a balanced, fulfilling life.


If you’re considering a move to Las Vegas, Summerlin deserves a spot at the top of your list. We hope this glimpse into the Summerlin lifestyle has inspired you. Whether you’re making a move or just exploring your options, remember, Summerlin is more than a location – it’s a community waiting to welcome you.




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