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Updating Your Home on a Budget

Updating Your Home

Updating Your Home on a Budget


Updating Your Home on a Budget. Tired of your home looking off-trend and out of touch? Or investing in an older home and want to update it?

You don’t need deep pockets to do either. In fact, upgrading your home can be quite affordable with the right projects.


Here are seven ways to update your home on a budget:



Paint trends come and go, so if your walls are still the same color or have the same wallpaper from 1950, they’re likely out of date. Consider giving the walls a new look with a more modern neutral tone, like light gray.


Change light fixtures

It’s time to kick out-of-style light fixtures to the curb. Pendant lighting, Edison bulbs and simple recessed lighting are what’s hot with today’s designers and buyers.

Update your hardware

You’d be surprised at how easily doorknobs, drawer pulls, locks and handles can start to look aged. Take a good look at your existing hardware, and consider upgrading to newer models. And don’t forget the hinges.

Upgrading your kitchen on a budget can seem impossible, but it’s really not! Forget about new countertops or cabinets; you can easily breathe new life into your kitchen with many inexpensive and easy changes. A consistent color scheme and some new knobs can go a long way to creating a kitchen that feels fresh.


Improving old kitchen cabinets?

Rather than tearing them out, paint existing cabinets a striking color like charcoal or navy to transform the look of your kitchen! Don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen? Painting cabinets white will instantly make your kitchen feel bigger. To finish off the new look, replace old hardware with brushed nickel, gold, silver, or black knobs and handles!


Reface your appliances

Have an old, yellowing appliance but don’t want to replace what’s not broken? Just use peel-and-stick stainless steel or marble contact paper, and reface those appliances instantly. Or, if you actually want to replace the broken appliances, then check Pittsburgh Appliance Repairs for dryer repair and other home appliance repairs, who offer great services to revamp your existing home appliances.

Install new faucets

If you’re looking for basic home improvement projects for updating a bathroom or kitchen, change out the faucet! You could go with a stainless-steel faucet in the kitchen to match appliances, or add a popular brass finish, polished nickel faucet in the bathroom to complement vanity cabinets, or even go black. I love the look of black fixtures.

Makeover the fireplace

Have a dated brick fireplace in your home? Paint your fireplace to create the perfect focal point! Go for a clean minimalist look with neutral colors like white, gray, and beige. Or make it stand out with a more dramatic color like charcoal or black.


These upgrades may seem minor, but when done properly, they can have a serious impact on your home’s aesthetic.


If you’re considering more extensive updates, let’s get together to discuss ways to increase your home’s marketability and long-term value.


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